Every idea requires an error

  • Business modeling

    Design a competitive response based on your business DNA and your beating heart
  • Learning | data

    Things don’t appear out of nowhere. Get superior at pattern recognition
  • Innovation | culture

    Picture perfect planning is like waiting for the world to change. Anticipate speed
  • Transformation

    Change is not an event. It is a mindset
  • Purpose

    People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it
  • Innovation

    Bureaucrats make bureaucracy. Bureaucracy prevents innovation
  • Transformation

    No doubt means you are not pushing hard enough
  • Leadership

    Do you dare to hire your weakness?
  • Leadership

    Are you a role model? Why (not)?
  • Innovation | culture

    Love to learn from mistakes
  • People | resources

    People matter. Relationships is key to achievement
  • Innovation | activism

    Real change is always bottom-up
  • Leadership

    How do you inspire others to identify new paths to lasting impact?
  • Innovation

    Change does not come from rationality
  • Leadership

    Have courage. Ignore conventional wisdom
  • Innovation | culture

    Trust is a precondition to team performance
  • Transformation | activism

    True power only comes when everybody is ready to move
  • Leadership

    By changing nothing, nothing changes
  • Management

    Have your growth metrics outnumbered realism?
  • Leadership

    Are you giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work?

# Save The Next

The unhealthiness of the zero-tolerance culture in the health system - and what to do about it


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