Every idea requires an error

Based on values, fueled by logics and driven by creativity, NB designs and implements pragmatic and sustainable responses to organization's challenges


People make promises

Good companies do, too. We insist - and you could insist as well - that our promises shall be at the core of our response

Think big

Challenge the big assumptions. Never accept a reasoning unless it is bound by logic.

Own it

In any situation encourage your peers to to take ownership. Make it meaningful.

Question status quo

Beware of organizational theatre. We give license to pursue ideas and embrace failure. It has to be simple to win.

Niels Boje Lund
Change advocate
Entrepreneur by heart
Niels Boje Lund
Advisor, investor, and co-creator of new ventures. With great experience from developing 100s of businesses, NB can help you reestablish direction and accelerate your progress.

Real change

You are a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset on the outlook for viable means to change. Be corporate, activist or entrepreneur, you know in a heartbeat that you represent that peculiar bundle of passionate, visionary, and leader. Let's create solutions for real change that engages with people in meaningful ways so that we connect with depth, and promote substance and authenticity.

Our society is crowded with change initia­tives that are bound to never fly

  • Business modeling

    Design a competitive response based on your business DNA and your beating heart
  • Learning | data

    Things don’t appear out of nowhere. Get superior at pattern recognition
  • Innovation | culture

    Picture perfect planning is like waiting for the world to change. Anticipate speed
  • Transformation

    Change is not an event. It is a mindset
  • Purpose

    People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it
  • Innovation

    Bureaucrats make bureaucracy. Bureaucracy prevents innovation
  • Transformation

    No doubt means you are not pushing hard enough
  • Leadership

    Do you dare to hire your weakness?
  • Leadership

    Are you a role model? Why (not)?
  • Innovation | culture

    Love to learn from mistakes
  • People | resources

    People matter. Relationships is key to achievement
  • Innovation | activism

    Real change is always bottom-up
  • Leadership

    How do you inspire others to identify new paths to lasting impact?
  • Innovation

    Change does not come from rationality
  • Leadership

    Have courage. Ignore conventional wisdom
  • Innovation | culture

    Trust is a precondition to team performance
  • Transformation | activism

    True power only comes when everybody is ready to move
  • Leadership

    By changing nothing, nothing changes
  • Management

    Have your growth metrics outnumbered realism?
  • Leadership

    Are you giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work?

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