I help design and implement a pragmatic and sustainable response to organization's challenges - from startups to the most bureaucratic / political organizations.


Because our society is crowded with organizational theatre producing change initiatives that are bound to never fly - bound by the very same thinking that made your organization successful in the first place.


I work to create solutions for real change that engages with people in meaningful ways so that we connect with depth, and promote substance and authenticity. Models that support nuance, humanity and role modelling based on a 'humans and facts first' principle.

Build companies
Health activism

    Dogma delight

    Distinguish between belief and dogma. You need to split your dogma darlings in atoms, then recollect a new order to make real change.

    You are a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset on the outlook for viable means to change. Be corporate, activist or entrepreneur, you know in a heartbeat that you are this peculiar bundle of passionate, visionary, and leader.