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NB is growth equity + growth hacking company for entrepreneurial executives.

NB is damn good at pattern recognition. To understand your company is to ultimately understand the pattern of your business model and beating heart.

So, borrow a creative business mind.

NB works with everything from datasets to mindsets and provides insights in innovation, talent, market intelligence, business modelling, brand-building and other key areas.

The services? Here you are:
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You know, things become real only if everyone believes in them. Belief becomes a technology that creates change. It’s about hearts and minds. And yes, you can…

We will hack your brain

to see new paths to lasting impact manifested in the SHAPE of the company’s business model. Bring great minds and great thinking together to realize and GROW the business potential. Or adjust every asset to maximize value and EXIT whenever someone else can grow the value better than you.

  • When drive, skills and passion unite. That's what makes it tick

Backing bold executives who move fast and think big

… by taking part in the leadership via growth equity or supportive projects.

Niels Boje Lund | Entrepreneurial executive

Whether you dream about igniting bold ideas from scratch or scaling remarkable products in your corporate division. As long as you have an entrepreneurial mindset.


You are an entrepreneur on the outlook for viable means to achieve new business. Be corporate or early stage, but you know in a heartbeat that you are this peculiar bundle of:

Passionate + visionary + leader + manager

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