Economic gravity shifting to emerging markets

In the foreseeable future, the economies of today’s emerging markets will eclipse those of the developed world in size.

In the next 5-10 years we will see more global brands coming from fast-growing economies. Take Latin America, with fast-rising brands such as La Martina in Argentina (the next Ralph Lauren?), Havaianas in Brazil (the next Crocs?) and Kidzania in Mexico (the next Disney?). Emerging brands are starting to challenge their more developed rivals, not only in the value segment but also in the premium space, and with a very focused value proposition. They are especially competitive in areas such as technology and fashion, where tastes change quickly and people are always looking for new products and lifestyles. IMD highlights this together 4 big issues facing global companies – branding & innovation, polarization of segments in developed markets, customer focus as well, as social media and the digital consumer.