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in the health industry –
And what to do about it

The first summer without my wonderful and life-ready son, Mathias who died from Meningitis, I spend time thinking how to solve for better in the health industry.

Knowing how every single employee in the health industry hopes to save lifes or make the day better for patients, my puzzle was how that was consistent with the untruth that I experienced from high to low in connection with Mathias fatal destiny.

This has lead to my mission of change for the better in the health industry. The output of this journey so far has been amazing:

100s of articles, TV and radio programs, and talks about how to change the zero-error culture, which – my claim – is the key cultural DNA that makes good people in health care sometimes do bad things.

At least 14 significant organisational structure, procedure or similar change due to the process that followed the media coverage.

Contact me to learn more about the mission and how we can make it even bigger together.