Next city. Think partnerships

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.

Public investment funds: The triumph of technocracy over democracy

Legacy institutions are broken. Frustration has grown around the inability of governmental bodies to manage investments. Concerns over the lacking performance amongst government-sponsored incubators and related organizations remain and stands in contrast to the high political priority to entrepreneurial activity (see here). Consequently, commercial organizations owned or controlled wholly or partly by the government (the ‘parastatals’) are spreading faster than …

Eco-labels: Give up and get lost

The substantial scepticism amongst the corporations of eco-labels’ enduring credibility and rigour of criteria and certification procedures leading to a costly and highly bureaucratic process almost outweigh the benefits of brand-strengthening, addressing consumers’ sustainability demands and protecting against pressure-group attacks. While revealing the extent of the corporations’ mounting frustration, IMD rhetorically asks: Have eco-labels had their day?

Want something you never had? Do things you never did!

The Advanced Technology Group is a network consisting of nine independent Danish research and technology organisations – the GTS institutes – who have developed the 110 proposals currently filed at ‘Better Innovation’ ( Here is the sad news: The vast majority (if not all) of the proposals relate to products and services. I am sorry, but this is wrong. Too …