Eco-labels: Give up and get lost

The substantial scepticism amongst the corporations of eco-labels’ enduring credibility and rigour of criteria and certification procedures leading to a costly and highly bureaucratic process almost outweigh the benefits of brand-strengthening, addressing consumers’ sustainability demands and protecting against pressure-group attacks. While revealing the extent of the corporations’ mounting frustration, IMD rhetorically asks: Have eco-labels had their day?

Next gen Entrepreneurs: Get high on agility

The sustainability – short-termism paradox As we have entered the post credit crunch era, entrepreneurs face new challenges demanding a move away from short-termism to a sustainable social, environmental and financial performance (cf. the triple bottom line), and face the uncomfortable tension between the long term focus needed for sustainable development and the prevalent short-termism (investors returns on investment requirements, …

Want something you never had? Do things you never did!

The Advanced Technology Group is a network consisting of nine independent Danish research and technology organisations – the GTS institutes – who have developed the 110 proposals currently filed at ‘Better Innovation’ ( Here is the sad news: The vast majority (if not all) of the proposals relate to products and services. I am sorry, but this is wrong. Too …

Are venture capitalists paying or living the venture?

Techcrunch article ‘VCs are getting into PR’ started ‘my fire’ again. The article highlights the trend that VCs is no longer just about paying checks – well, if it ever was? – and names PR as one function that VCs are now paying attention to. Obviously, competition for funds and leads as well as the fight for any stakeholder’s recognition …

This year’s heart of the curriculum – not that simple

Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Politicians strike it as a key component of the legislation. Business schools have recognized the importance of it, both in terms of establishing programs and building the right environments to foster these activities. Executives – both corporate and SME – emphasize the importance of it too: Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship is this year’s mantra against the backdrop …

Rising venture capital opportunities in emerging markets

The rapid accumulation of wealth in the emerging markets is changing how money is invested. A number of factors in the developed countries as well are forcing this change, subsequently the fact that advantages of investing in listed equities are being questioned in light of corporate scandals and a perception that the markets may no longer serve the interests of ordinary investors.

Entrepreneurial management. Not an art. Not just for startups.

‘The Lean Startup’ suggests how to accelerate through a pragmatic build- measure – learn feedback loop enhancing chances of building a sustainable business. With this book Eric Ries is a part of the movement that creates science where there was only art. A must read, not just for startup managers.

When growth management went lean

Venture fund returns have been on decline for almost a decade – and cash got tight following the credit crunch. So what measures did your company take to design a low burn growth model?

More of the same

Venture capital firms tend to be highly specialized. Are they highly differentiated too? One player suggests that 80% of the venture capitalists tend to differentiate themselves on the basis of just potential equity contribution, human capital and network. Could some gain higher value by developing newer venture frameworks or a value proposition based on other differentiators?

Assume nothing

When entrepreneurs experience rapid, unanticipated changes, disorientation, etc. some of us assume we can control and manage the situation, because we know the problem or even the solution. Well do we? Do you know how to innovate, if you don’t know neither the problem, nor the solution?