Broken VC model: Pressure increases as VC goes mainstream

The financial crisis seemed to mark a turning point in the spectacular growth of alternative investments, such as managed investments in hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities, and infrastructure. Poor performance and liquidity problems led to massive redemptions. By now, however, those problems have subsided, and alternatives are back on track.

The ‘flow’ between strategy and execution

The only way a company will deliver on its promises is if its strategists can think like operators – and downplaying the link between a leader and a strategy, or failing to recognize it at all, is a dangerous oversight. This is the view of Cynthia Montgomery and, I believe, the most common view among executives. Interestingly enough, however, when asked what …

This year’s heart of the curriculum – not that simple

Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Politicians strike it as a key component of the legislation. Business schools have recognized the importance of it, both in terms of establishing programs and building the right environments to foster these activities. Executives – both corporate and SME – emphasize the importance of it too: Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship is this year’s mantra against the backdrop …

M&A strategy of many smaller deals less risky than organic growth

Having analyzed the world’s top 1,000 nonbanking companies over the past decade, McKinsey reveal distinct patterns of deal making. The most frequent factors, such as industry structure, the match of an asset with a well-articulated strategy, and the execution capabilities required to realize value, are as relevant as ever. Further more, returns by M&A approach are widely distributed and can …

Thank you Blackbox

Finally an attempt to put startup metrics and benchmarks in play. Now you can compare your startup against 3,200+ internet startups! Hard to neglect since 90% of all startups (of which 30% is internet-specific) fail. Although different characteristics, there is good inspiration for the later stage capital people too. (Link removed)