Simple export for SMEs

Shaeps matches small and medium enterprises with Chinese buyers and investors. Shaeps also offers everything from market entry advice, setup support in China to full blown operation of your Chinese activities.

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Low cost housing development

Mohocon is a property development and construction company in Ghana. In cooperation with the Ghanian government we are set out to develop 60,000 units for public workers. Mohocon also developed a plug ‘n play bearing and insulating wall system, Hexy, for sustainable and affordable construction.

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Bio inspired high tech

Biomicore invented the self-repairing chip that can dynamically heal itself. Imagine that you can break a chip, and each part will continue operation. This is the essence of our software technology that is inspired by biology and – like human cells – a network of cells that may fully configure themselves and conduct a self-healing process. NASA JPL implemented it as a safe-guard against the threat of the increasing level of faults in chips.


Conservative property investment

Domaene is a wealth management service offering property assets to investors. Private investors rarely have access to acquisition of selective, individual property assets - or the finance management as do larger funds. Domaene provides access to small professional 'funds like' investments based on selective property in UK, Germany, Denmark and Dubai.


Fin tech pioneer

YES Technologies (Thyron) is a software technology developer and invented an open platform of secure commerce components - end user layer (mobile payment wallets), PKI security trust layer (e.g. card management), as well as transaction processing layer.