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Strategy & modelling

Can you flavor your business modelling by applying a deep understanding of the repeating patterns underlying growth success and failure? How do you identify those best paths to growth within your current business model? Or beyond? How do you transform critical functions on your way from early stage to venture scale operation?

Obtain relentless execution

You can identify the key themes and issues that will drive value. And change growth metrics the same. You can reveal future market forces and behaviour through co-creative processes by bringing employees and other key stakeholders together with bright, talented outsiders.

How we back the bold

Leadership advisory

Yes, you can. Do-It-Yourself. All you need is a friend to deliver that little trigger or thought to get you rolling.

Sort of like an ignition for the D-I-Y type

Leadership advisory is an on-going strategic and management dialogue with business leaders to support and guide your value creation.

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Equity ventures

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Modular home construction in Mohocon terms is a construction technology inspired by the icon kids’ toys Lego(r) whereby you can easily customise and assemble your next house. And it means that you can disassemble the whole thing and reuse this in another place and time.

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Martin T. Larsen