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how we add value

Investments & exits

Both investments and exits is ‘soo not’ another day at the office. We help you get the foot in the buyer’s door, to get that breakthrough.

How do you get your brain around it?

What determines if a business idea turns into dust or magic? What kind of talent or assets do you need to rub against it? We itemize how you pinpoint the true value potential of a company and the critical growth gaps. As well as … the investors’ objectives, customer base trimming, management knowledge transition, process documentation, legal and tax issues, or exit schedule.

How we back the bold

Growth equity partner

NB may seek to acquire equity stakes in companies with growth prospects, and eventually engage in the transition of a scaleup, a turnaround of an SME or other growth initiatives.

Equity is NB’s second-to-non, full management commitment assignment. An exciting, high-stake commitment.

Curious about equity
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Equity ventures

A partial list of ventures by NB.


Modular home construction in Mohocon terms is a construction technology inspired by the icon kids’ toys Lego(r) whereby you can easily customise and assemble your next house. And it means that you can disassemble the whole thing and reuse this in another place and time.

Founded, acquired

Martin T. Larsen