Rethinking the financial drivers in innovation culture

Recent reports in the Harvard Business Review question the efficiency of the traditional Silicon Valley venture capital innovation funding model and more emphasis is now being placed on how to manage the innovation process in a low finance environment. Japan as an innovation culture for example impacted the world market in the 1980s but then peaked and declined. In the mid-1980s European policy makers decided to support the nascent mobile phone industry by pouring big R&D dollars into 3G and mobile infrastructure and by brokering Europe-wide partnerships. Europe has enjoyed a lead in mobile ever since, even though it may have faltered when entering the US market. As the iPhone and Apple recently heaped enough pressure on Nokia to cost the Finnish market leader’s CEO his job, it’s undoubtedly time once again to address the issue of innovation culture to understand:

  • Why some cultures do good research but poor innovation
  • What we can learn from the grassroots?
  • The growing trend with new community funding initiatives opening across the USA and growing interest in Europe.
  • How social financing innovation comes to the advanced economies

… and more


Source: Haydn Shaughnessy | Innovation Management | October 11, 2010