This year’s heart of the curriculum – not that simple

Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Politicians strike it as a key component of the legislation. Business schools have recognized the importance of it, both in terms of establishing programs and building the right environments to foster these activities. Executives – both corporate and SME – emphasize the importance of it too: Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship is this year’s mantra against the backdrop of turbulent markets (we tend not to mention the ‘credit’ and ‘crunch’ words anymore), high unemployment rates, or the tarnished MBA brand following the banking scandals – and the answer to job creation as well as increasing pace of innovation.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, Einstein said. Yet, too many executives place too much emphasis on ‘creativity’ and ‘product’, which lowers the return on investment. To foster the most productive development, executives must understand how development can be adopted across the full business architecture – subsequently the offerings, platform, solutions, customer needs, customer experience, communication, processes, value capture, management, supply chain, channel, and ecosystem. What did you do to get beyond product or technology innovation?